18 Gunia Drive, LaSalle, IL 61301
Voice (815)224-3126 (800)822-3246
TTY (815)224-8271/(866)822-3246
Videophone (815)410-9015

Staff Contacts

Address: 18 Gunia Drive
LaSalle, Illinois 61301

Phone: 815-224-3126 Voice (Ext. after Title)
              800-822-3246 Toll-free Voice

TTY:       815-224-8271 TTY
              866-822-3246 Toll-free TTY

FAX:       815-224-3576

Email:     ivcil@ivcil.com

Website:  https://www.ivcil.com

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Brian Szuda, Executive Director  Brian M. Szuda -Executive Director/X 217


Lesley Gonigam, Associate Director  Lesley Gonigam -Associate Director/X 214


Deb Cools, Office Manager  Deb Cools - Office Manager/X 211


YSC -Youth Services Coordinator (Still in School through age 21)/X 223

Cynthia Panizzi, Independent Living Specialist  Cynthia Panizzi -(Adult Services) Independent Living Specialist/X 216


Liz Bedford, Community Reintegration Coordinator  CRP Coordinator - Community Reintegration Coordinator/X 219


Laken Wilke, Mobile Meals Coordinator  Laken Wilke –Mobile Meals Coordinator/X 220


Ashley Purpura, Independent Living Specialist II  Ashley Purpura -  Independent Living Specialist II/X 218  (Young Adult Services-out of High School) &  Personal Assistant Coordinator