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Peer Support Groups

Young Adult Social/Support Group

IVCIL offers a Young-Adult Social which is for people who are out of high school up to age 30. This group will meet once per quarter and do fun activities.

IVCIL staff facilitator will be:

Ashley Purpura, Independent Living Specialist II, 815-224-3126 ext. 218

View the Calendar of events for the date and information on the next Peer Support


View the Calendar of events for the date and information on the next Peer Support


Adult Peer Social/Support Group

The group is called “The Ability Adventurers” or as many call them the Adventurers for short. This group serves two purposes: 1, to provide peer support and most importantly to work on independent living skills in a fun way to make “adulting” lessons fun. We meet once a month.

If you wish to contact us to find out about the next event, please contact us at ila2@ivcil.com or by calling 815-224-3126 ext. 216

What is a Peer Support Group?

A group of people who share similar issues due to their disabilities, who come together to share experiences and knowledge with one another in order to achieve maximum independence.

What are the benefits of joining a Peer Support Group?

Give and receive support

Develop connections with others

Build a network of support

Learn about community resources

Learn about disability issues

Learn about tools for independent living

Why Discuss these Issues?

Do you feel like no one understands your disability? Have you ever wished you had someone to share your feelings with? Are you having trouble adjusting to a newly acquired disability and all of the life-changing arrangements it includes? IVCIL provides a Peer Support Group to empower people with disabilities and to allow them to share experiences, feelings, and awareness of disability issues with others who have the same or similar issues. The Peer Support Group relationship helps individuals work through problems specific to a particular disability in a group setting with the encouragement and support of their peers.

What will be discussed?

Open discussion topics and activities will not be limited to, but will include:

  • Disability Issues
  • Life Issues
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Disability Rights Awareness

At our meetings we will also enjoy socializing, occasionally having a special speaker for a specific topic of interest to the group by request, and developing connections with others who share our concerns.