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Youth Services

What is the Youth Services Program?


IVCIL's Youth Services Program is another bridge to independence for persons with disabilities. Youth Services are available at no cost to children/youth with disabilities 0-21 years of age and their families.  School districts, agencies, businesses, and community groups are eligible for services that focus on improving educational and community opportunities for youth with disabilities. Through services to youth, their families, schools, and community agencies, the IVCIL Youth Advocacy Program hopes to:

  • educate youth with disabilities and their families about their educational rights,
  • provide increased opportunities for youth with disabilities to develop independent living skills that promote and foster independence and self-advocacy,
  • increase successful youth transitions from school to independent living, help build partnerships between students, parents, educators, employers, and community organizations, and
  • provide systems advocacy that increases educational, recreational,  social, and employment opportunities for youth with disabilities.

Services of IVCIL’s Youth Services Program include:

  • support groups,
  • peer counseling,
  • educational advocacy,
  • workshops, trainings, and meetings,
  • support for systems change,
  • assistance with transition planning,
  • inclusion into community recreation,
  • skills training for independent living,
  • disability awareness training,
  • information, linkage, and referral,
  • technical assistance for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and  its amendments.