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Clara Deenis Trust

Clara Deenis Trust Assistance Program

John Taylor - First recipient of an IPAD to use as a Communication devise

Jasmine Evans with her new Wheelchair


What is it?


It is a set amount of funds in a trust for “needy crippled children” (hereafter referred to as children with disabilities) residing in and about the City of Streator, Illinois.

Eligibility Guidelines

Must meet all of the following criteria

  1. A child under 18 years of age
  2. Have proof of a diagnosed disability that affects them physically (ie:  orthopedic, vision, hearing, communication, respiratory, digestive, or has a hospitalization as a result of their diagnosed disability.
  3. Live in LaSalle County
  4. Live in the city of Streator or within the Streator Elementary School District  #44 or Streator High School District #40
  5. Show a need for the requested funds
  6. Show that other sources of funding have been sought
  7. Medical insurance has been used first (when applies)
  8. Referral by an agency, school or an IVCIL consumer
  9. Willing to sign a release of information for other agencies to be used to gain information to aid in selection process.

    Stephanie Soulsby - recipient of brailler, victor reader, talking telephone and talking microwave.

Selection Criteria

Selection will be made from those who have met the eligibility guidelines above, with these considerations as priority:

  1. Those who reside in the town of Streator
  2. Child with the most severe disability
  3. Child or family with the greatest need
  4. Those who have not received other assistance
  5. Those who have no insurance

What type of needs?

Medical care, hospitalization and necessary apparatus and equipment to care for children with disabilities to alleviate suffering and provide corrective treatment.  This would include assistive technology, home modifications, and vehicle modifications.

Level of assistance available

IVCIL is the Trustee for these funds and will have sole discretion to the selection, amount of funds distributed and disbursement of the funds.

Requests received may be paid in part or in whole, depending on the needs presented and funds available at the time, until the funds are extinguished. A request from the same family who has received assistance from this trust, would only be considered if we have not received any other requests in a 90 day period.

How to apply

An agency, school, or IVCIL staff member can refer individuals to the IVCIL Youth Advocate to receive an application through the mail, or you may download it below. Follow the instructions and provide all documentation with that application and mail to IVCIL. If after you have read all the information, you still have questions, please call Marla at 815-224-3126 ext. 223 for more information.  Applicants should complete and return the application with the proper documentation requested  to IVCIL, Attn: Marla, 18 Gunia Drive, LaSalle, IL 61301.

How funds are distributed

The IVCIL selection team will meet once per month (or as needed) to go over applications received and will send a letter either asking for more information or to explain decision made regarding your request.  Once the selection team is satisfied it has all of the information needed, that the forms are complete, no other resources are available and that the request is a need, assistance determination will be made.  Funds will be sent directly to the vendor providing the equipment or services for which the request has been made. At no time will funds be sent to the family, if a service has already been paid for, it is no longer a need.

Documentation Requested

  1. Signed, completed application
  2. Signed release of information form
  3. Copy of child’s birth certificate
  4. Copy of child’s Social Security card
  5. Proof of diagnosed disability that the above request for help is needed (can be one of the following)
    1. Written, signed note or evaluation from a  Doctor, Psychologist  or Dept. of Rehabilitation Counselor
    2. Copy of a Social Security Award Letter for child’s disability
    3. Current Copy of child’s IEP or 504 plan



  1. Proof of address
  2. Copy of bill(s) to be paid relating to assistance requested (i.e. hospital, medical)
  3. Quotes from at least 2 companies (3 preferred) for equipment requested
  4. Recommendation from professional for equipment or other documentation to   prove need
  5. Other, as deemed necessary