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School Disability Awareness Presentations

Disability Awareness Presentations for Schools

There are several Disability Awareness Presentations that IVCIL offers free of charge to schools to benefit children from 1st grade through high school. These presentations will help children understand more about disabilities, how to interact with persons with disabilities, and the correct terminology to use for persons with disabilities.

We are able to present to as many as 8 classes in one day. Depending on the size of your classes, they can be split up further. There are 3 different presentations that we offer.

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Small Differences


A video along with discussion questions for 1st through 6th grades. Students will learn the definition of a disability, the different types of disabilities, general disability awareness and etiquette.  The main theme through our presentation is that people with disabilities are not someone to be afraid of because they have the same feelings, desires and interests, however they accomplish them in different ways than some people. There are only small differences because we are all alike in many ways.


Nobody's Perfect, Everybody's Special

A video along with discussion questions for 1st through 6th grades.  Students will learn about two individual children who have different types of disabilities. One has a disability that he was born with, and one acquired hers when she was young. We talk about people being unable to do something or adapting to their environment. We lead a discussion about the types of adaptations, accommodations, or modifications that could be used to help a person succeed with their desires and goals. We mention that anyone could acquire a disability at anytime and that we want to help them find different ways to do the same things they have always done.


I'm Tyler


A video along with discussion questions for junior high and older. This is an “ability” awareness presentation about a high school student with a disability and how he is able to do all of the things that his classmates can do with teachers, administrators, and others who have open minds. It is presented first by a person without a disability who can do all of the activities that most high school students can do, and then the “real” Tyler makes an appearance. This presentation incorporates information from the first two presentations to help the older student understand general disability awareness and etiquette. This presentation’s theme is that our preconceived ideas of what people can do, by looking at their disability, may be very far from the truth. With an imagination and open mind, most people with disabilities can do many of the same activities as everyone else.