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Teen Social/Peer Support Group

Teen Social Information

Teen Socials are planned quarterly as a way for teens to get together to learn, have fun, and have a way of obtaining peer support.

This is for young people between the ages of 13 and 21 that are still enrolled in high school.

We usually plan events that are a social activity.

During our Teen Socials we discuss issues pertinent to youth with disabilities to promote independent living, self advocacy, social issues, and making good choices.

Some of our previous Teen Socials have included:

    Video Skit Night

    Night at the YMCA

    Night at the Mall - Scavenger Hunt

    Game Night at IVCIL

    Movie & Pizza Night

    Echo Bluff Park Adventure Night

    Boggio's Orchard & Corn Maze

    Mendota Train Museum

    Punkin Acres Paints -  Horse Ranch

Teen Social Pictures

Teen Social "Back to School Game Night"
Teen Social "Carnival Game Night"
Teen Social "Carnival Game Night"
Teen Social at Boggio's
Teen Social at Boggio's
Teen Social "Night Out at the Mall"