Fast Track Transition Program

What is Fast Track?

The Fast Track Program supports Youth with disabilities starting high school to teach students pre-employment skills and post-education transitional services. Fast Track provides students with a 30-week program that explores post-secondary job counseling, work-based learning, workplace readiness training, and self advocacy instruction. 

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Who is elegible? 

Must meet all of the following criteria: 
  • Student 14-21 years old
  • Have proof of a diagnosed disability  (ie:  IEP, 504, Medical diagnosis).
  • Without a current IL Department of Rehabilitation case


What do student’s gain from Fast Track? 


Career exploration for in-demand occupations, as well as nontraditional employment. Identifying careers of interest.


Students become involved in setting annual goals, supplementary aid.


Advisement of academic curriculum career options, information on college applications and admissions processes, completing the FAFSA, academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, or providing disability support services.


Training in skill areas other than vocational development that students will need to function independently in the community. Skill areas may include using public transportation, meal preparation, money management, communication and interpersonal skills, job seeking skills, and understanding employer expectations.


Learning about rights, responsibilities, and how to request accommodations or services as well as being able to communicate any thoughts, concerns, or needs while seeking services.

Fore more information on Fast Track, contact the Youth Transtion Services Coordiantor:

Maggie Backes

[email protected]

815-224-3126 ext. 218

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