Accessibility Site Surveys

About Accessibility Site Surveys

Businesses and agencies may request an Access Site Survey from IVCIL in order to determine how much their business or agency is accessible for persons with disabilities. As a Center for Independent Living, we have the knowledge to review sites by using a checklist containing information derived from the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and the Illinois Accessibility Code to determine if the site meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Illinois law. The checklist does not cover all the requirements of the standards; therefore, it is not for facilities undergoing new construction or alterations. In addition, it does not attempt to illustrate all possible barriers or propose all possible barrier removal solutions. However, utilizing these documents helps to identify accessibility problems and solutions in existing facilities in order to meet obligations under the ADA. The goal of the survey process is to plan how to make an exiting facility more usable for people with disabilities.

Once the Access Site Survey is completed, IVCIL provides a report of the necessary corrections and suggestions that should be considered to bring a site into compliance per ADAAG standards. IVCIL suggests that once a business or agency receives this report, the business or agency should create a schedule for the improvements to be made based on their importance and cost involved. IVCIL does not submit cost estimates; that task is up to contractors and the business or agency. There is a small hourly charge for the on-site visit and for the completed Access Site Survey report.