ITAC Amplified Phone Program

What is the ITAC Amplified Phone Program?

Another bridge to independence for persons with disabilities is IVCIL’s ITAC Amplified Phone Program. This program is designed to meet the needs of and increase the community options for persons who are deaf/hard of hearing/hearing impaired.

Further sensitivity training can be provided and is aimed to enlighten the community on understanding and interacting with persons with hearing loss.

In addition, the ITAC Amplified Phone Program offers information and referral services in person or by phone. We have several equipment catalogs by which a consumer may purchase items.

Deaf Family

ITAC Amplified Phone Selection Center

IVCIL also is an ITAC Amplified Phone Selection Center. If you are an Illinois resident who is certified with hearing loss, we can assist you with applying for a free amplified telephone. Please contact us for more information on how you can receive this free amplified telephone.

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