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The Independent Living Philosophy

The Independent Living Philosophy emphasizes consumer control. People with disabilities are the best experts concerning fulfilling their needs. They have crucial and valuable perspectives to contribute and deserve the opportunity to decide how to live, work and take part in their communities particularly regarding services that impact their day-to-day lives and access to independence (National Council on Independent Living NCIL).

IVCIL Mission Statement

The Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living advocates with compassion for the dignity and rights of people with disabilities and their families in our service area. We understand it is our consumer’s right to choose what is best for themselves and their families. Our goal is equal access for all: to services, to employment, and to the benefits our society offers. We encourage our consumers to live their lives to their fullest potential.

The IVCIL Community Grant

In accordance with the Independent Living Philosophy and IVCIL’s Mission Statement, funds raised by the IVCIL Board, staff and volunteers for the purposes of this grant will be used to promote ideals of self-advocacy and increased access for people of all ages with disabilities. Our hope is to encourage opportunities for growth for people with disabilities in our service area.

The enclosed application is available to all who live in LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam, Stark and Marshall Counties. Individuals, families, organizations, schools, park districts and other agencies are encouraged to apply for funding to maximize independence in the lives of people with disabilities in IVCIL’s service area.

In short, how can we help with your needs?


Eligibility: Individuals and agencies in LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam, Stark and Marshall Counties. 

Deadline: Open-ended applications will be accepted year-round. Applications are reviewed quarterly in March, June, September and December. You may be contacted for more information regarding your application, and will be contacted by phone or email when your application has been reviewed by the Community Grant Committee. 


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